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Talent Acquisition

Our Approach

Putting the right people in the right positions is a key element of any company’s success. We recognize that the “right fit” extends beyond a particular skillset, to the intangible characteristics, behaviors and values that make an individual a strong contributor on a team. When we help our clients find a person who is both highly qualified and aligned with their approach to business, we see both the client and the candidate thrive.

executive staffing
We are in the

Our Services

We are in the “People” business. Our contract staffing and executive search services enable our clients to meet their short and long-term human capital needs.

staff augmentation


We have a dedicated full-time staff devoted to recruiting. When our clients need to fill permanent positions, they look to us to help find the right person for the role. They trust us to deliver high caliber candidates because we don’t approach this business with a body-shop mentality – we focus on quality, not quantity. Our executive search solution includes a process that not only thoroughly examines the credentials of our candidates, but also evaluates their cultural fit with the clients we serve.

functional backfills or temporary labor


We provide clients with the right interim resources to provide immediate stability and results, by matching talent to specific client needs, technologies and cultural fit.  These professionals have access to our management team as resources for additional technical and strategic support. Within WG's interim professionals group, we supply experienced professionals and interim management and support staff—when clients are experiencing interim bandwidth or expertise constraints.

executive search solutions


Many of our clients have a backlog of projects that only seems to grow. Their employees equipped to lead or execute projects are already spread thin, so the projects often fall in the lap of a staff member who does not have the capacity to see the work through. Working under the direction and guidance of our clients our professionals provide additional resources so that deadlines can be met without interrupting the flow of daily business.

We focus on fit

We work with our clients to understand the characteristics that make people thrive in their company culture and ultimately successful within the organization. That understanding, in combination with our functional expertise in finance, accounting, IT, human capital, procurement, supply chain management, administration, operations, and engineering, enables us to identify candidates that are the best match for our clients.

search process
Our search process is built to remove the burden of finding talent from our clients, so they can focus on running their business.  

Aligning Talent & Opportunity

Being in the people business, we are committed to the success of our clients and the candidates we bring to them. This dedication drives our team to find talent for our clients that align from both a skill and cultural perspective. When we help our clients find the right fit for a position, both the client and the candidate thrive.

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