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Broad Expertise

WG serves clients across seven primary industries, helping organizations transform their approach to finance, people, technology and operations. Our clients trust us to deliver solutions that address their most complex challenges and identify opportunities that drive change and deliver growth.

Industries we serve at WG Consulting
We put all our expertise in making sure your company is maximizing its full potential
energy consulting


How the world creates, delivers, measures and stores Energy is constantly evolving.  Power and utility companies face an array of technical, regulatory, policy and market changes as countries explore new modes of energy creation, delivery and consumption.   WG's professionals bring industry leading expertise to our clients as they design and deploy infrastructures, manage the changing expectations of their customers, integrate the challenge of alternative supply and meet the demands for increasing operational efficiency and asset/capital optimization.  We have a history of helping power and utility companies around the globe optimize the business of today while building the advanced energy economy of tomorrow, making energy safe, affordable and sustainable.

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Our professionals understand the importance of oilfield services to the overall energy supply chain. We have expertise across the diverse spectrum of oilfield services including equipment rental and sales, fabrication and manufacturing and overall field services. We understand the demanding challenges that companies encounter in the marketplace and our experienced professionals can advise oilfield services companies regarding finance and accounting, operational efficiencies, complex financial reporting and mergers and acquisitions.

oilfield service


The growth in domestic unconventional crude and natural gas development has created vast opportunities for the U.S. midstream sector. Our team is experienced in midstream mergers and acquisitions, public transactions and Master Limited Partnerships. Our professionals assist midstream companies and their partners to attain growth and operational efficiencies by providing services for their finance, operations and technology functions.


Manufacturing & Distribution

WG Consulting helps manufacturing and distribution companies reimagine and reimplement their businesses to seize the opportunities of a global market, no matter their size. Today’s advanced Manufacturing and Distribution operations demand productivity through the automation of manual processes, collaborative commerce through the demand and supply chains and innovative distribution and asset management strategies to optimize working capital, assets, facilities and labor costs. We equip our clients with the industry leading processes, technologies and organizational capabilities that create a step function improvement in performance and efficiency to drive sustained excellence.

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WG Consulting serves private equity firms as they seek to identify investment targets, understand the true costs of value creation and execute the operational and finance transformations necessary to deliver and sustain returns. With services across the transaction lifecycle and expertise in driving a transformation agenda or solutions that create high performing assets, WG Consulting is a trusted advisor to PE firms across their portfolios who need excellence, insight and integrity they can rely on.

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commodities trading


The oil and gas industry is in a state of transformation as it tries to find its way through a market impacted by Shale extraction, Gas as a global commodity driven by LNG, and rapidly advancing information technologies that have changed the risk, cost and return equations for producers across the globe. Leaders are embracing “Lean” manufacturing processes, variable cost “Contingent” labor strategies, sensor/data optimization (IoT) and collaborative commerce ideas to reduce costs, improve visibility and create a variable cost model that can reflect the challenges and opportunities for a global industry. WG Consulting is the partner of choice across the entire oil and gas vertical. Our team is comprised of leaders from the Exploration and Production, Midstream and Logistics, Downstream Refining, and Oil Field Service sectors. We leverage that expertise to help our clients navigate the difficult market environment by streamlining corporate functions, delivering actionable insight from operational data and supporting companies throughout the transaction cycle.

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Whipsawed by politics, burdened with rising costs and challenged by changing regulations from the City Council to Congress, the US Healthcare industry is demanding new models and new flexibility that allows them to deliver high quality care with affordability. WG Consulting has developed breakthrough solutions in areas including labor optimization and back office effectiveness that allow our clients to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction, while meeting regulatory requirements and obligations for safety.

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Retail is changing, driven by electronic commerce, privacy demands and changing consumer attitudes.  WG Consulting helps our clients meet these changing needs, defining the processes and enabling technologies that deliver value in a timely, affordable and scalable fashion with a focus on efficiency in the supply chain and back office processes. Combined with our deep expertise in data management, analytics and modeling, WG Consulting’s retail practitioners help our clients understand possibilities, track performance, streamline processes and leverage industry leading technologies to create platforms for customer and shareholder success. 

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An increasingly global and diverse commodity market creates new opportunities and risks for Commodity Trading companies whether they are seeking to stabilize supply, hedge risk or drive revenue from the commodity marketplace. WG’s consultants have deep expertise to identity and leverage opportunities with modern commodity trading and risk management practices and enabling technologies including the emerging “cloud” trading platforms that dramatically change the operational cost model and time to value. WG Consulting collaborates with clients to build high efficiency trading businesses that quickly identify and seize market opportunities while providing the executive insights to understand and manage risks.