Finance Optimization


Drawing upon our experience as finance executives in diverse industries and leveraging strategic partnerships, WG’s Finance transformation consulting team specializes in actively assisting clients in utilizing technology to enhance their financial close and consolidation processes, implementing advanced continuous planning and forecasting functions, and automating the record-to-report process.

Built to Drive Innovation

In today’s volatile business environment, companies increasingly rely on their Finance departments to serve as trusted business partners. However, these departments are frequently burdened with resource constraints. The core mission of our Finance Optimization group is to enable these departments to allocate less time to low-value tasks, such as spreadsheet management and manual processes, and instead focus on higher-value analysis and business advocacy.


An efficient and effective Close and Consolidation process is the cornerstone of any modern Finance department. Without it, other Finance functions are constantly playing catch-up. WG’s Finance Optimization team is capable of assisting your organization in streamlining the Close & Consolidation process. We achieve this by implementing systems that automate traditionally labor-intensive tasks like Account Reconciliations and Transaction Matching, as well as more advanced processes including Intercompany Eliminations, Currency Translation, and Partial Ownership.


In today’s volatile business environment, companies need to demonstrate increased agility in their business plans and forecasts. Delivering timely and actionable insights to decision-makers is crucial for achieving success. WG’s Finance Optimization team can support your organization in transitioning to a continuous and automated planning and forecasting process. This involves eliminating manual tasks, consolidating and managing disparate spreadsheets and data models, and minimizing low-value activities like collation and aggregation. By adopting a modern Planning & Forecasting framework, your company can allocate more time to analysis and become a trusted advisor to the business.


The “last mile” in Reporting can often be an area where companies spend an inordinate amount of time and resources because the process entails manual updates of reports and filings provided to internal and external stakeholders. WG’s Finance Optimization team can help your company streamline and automate the Record to Report process, enhance collaboration across the organization and ensure better accuracy and efficiency in internal and external Reports and Filings.

Providing Value Through Partnerships

WG Consulting has forged strong partnerships with a network of reputable technology allies, offering best-in-class solutions across various domains including Close and Consolidation Management, Planning and Forecasting, and Record to Report.

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