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Creating Enterprise Value Through ESG Strategy & Reporting

ESG & Sustainability Services

Areas of Expertise

WG’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) & Sustainability Services team has the expertise and background necessary to assist with developing and implementing a customized approach to our clients’ ESG strategy and reporting framework.

A company's approach to ESG is not currently mandated. WG's team of ESG & Sustainability consultants can customize an ESG strategy and reporting framework to fit the messaging that a client wants to convey to its stakeholders and to drive enterprise value.


WG’s ESG & Sustainability Services team uses an approach that will allow our clients' to "tell their ESG story" in the manner that best fits the company's culture and business model. We will assist in identifying the various stakeholders who are interested in our clients' ESG story and developing the optimal message for each stakeholder group. Our focus is on how best to optimize enterprise value.

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WG has the ESG and financial reporting expertise to assist with the development of the disclosures that are best suited by telling our clients' ESG story as well as being compliant with any reporting requirements that may be suggested or mandated. Environmental, social, governance and human capital management are all areas that must be considered for disclosure purposes, and we are experts in guiding our clients through that process.

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WG has a deep background across all facets of the energy industry. From fossil fuels to renewable energy to oilfield services, we understand the changes that are occurring in each of these areas. Our team can assist our clients with developing a transition strategy and implementation plan that is customized for their long-term objectives. 

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Our ESG & Sustainability experts can assist with data measurement and management requirements needed for generating your ESG disclosures. Our consultants can help you identify the data necessary for your disclosures, determine the optimal method to collect the data, and validate that the data is accurate and auditable. We can also assist with implementing the processes and technology needed to manage the data on an ongoing basis.

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One of WG's core areas of expertise is assisting clients with managing their enterprise risk and governance. As it relates to ESG & Sustainability, many of these risks are still being identified as well as the risk management role played by Boards and Senior Management. We can implement a risk management framework that will allow our clients to be proactive in mitigating risks related to ESG such as greenwashing, inaccurate disclosures, and inadequate measurement of risk metrics.

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Whether the purpose is to access capital or provide details to stakeholders, WG can develop and write Sustainability Reports that deliver the ESG message and story that our clients have developed. We have the expertise across a variety of industries and company sizes to provide our clients with a Sustainability Report that best fits their needs.