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Enabling growth through Business Innovation & Technology



Business innovation is a key element of success for today’s leading companies in the marketplace. The leadership teams of these companies challenge their organizations to continuously push the boundaries by exploring new approaches to the business. At their core, these companies have a culture of innovation that is pervasive, driving change throughout the organization, its business processes and its technology.

business & technology solutions
We’ve built our Business & Technology Solutions practice to help clients reimagine their business by building frameworks for innovation that extends across the organization, leveraging modern enterprise technology to catalyze change and growth.

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Digital Services Designed to Transform Your Business


Companies are drowning in data while thirsting for actionable information, and the problem is getting worse every day as machine intelligence, sensor-based and fine-grained behavioral data create data at an unprecedented rate. Turning Data into Information is one of the largest focus areas for business value creation and technology innovation.  Our Information, Analytics and Intelligence team is a leader in helping companies capture the value of their enterprise data in areas including:

information strategy

Information Strategy & Governance

Creating the processes and policies needed to deliver an enterprise data platform
enterprise performance management

Master Data Management

Adopting the tools and techniques to maintain a unified view of data across the enterprise
business intellegence


Delivering user/device appropriate information and tools that inform business strategies and tactics
Governance & Intergration

DATA Integration

Bridging islands of information to create a holistic and timely “single version of the truth” across systems and processes
artificial intellegence

Artificial & Machine Intelligence

Understanding and adopting advances in AI allows companies to actively understand behaviors, trends and issues by quickly and affordably analyzing data, freeing people to leverage that information earlier, for greater impact



Our consultants deliver systems that enable business innovation and operational excellence for our clients.

enterprise resource planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

We help our clients select, implement and optimize ERP systems, to provide an integrated platform of applications that enables employees to efficiently run the business.

enterprise asset management

Enterprise Asset Management

Our team helps clients in asset intensive businesses, leverage Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) applications to optimize assets and working capital across the full lifecycle of physical assets, from acquisition through maintenance and retirement.

trading and risk management

Trading & Risk Management

We help commodity-focused clients tailor trading and risk management systems to their business model, giving them a platform to manage the trading activities, logistics and risk of their business.

field service solutions

Field Service Solutions

Our consultants equip service-oriented organizations with the technology their team needs to provide exceptional service to customers in the field



An idea is a starting point, successful execution takes management; structured, intentional and professional.  For most organizations, project management is not a core competence, so our management professionals collaborate with you to not just execute on delivery management, but also help clients leverage our tools and techniques to build their in house capability. 
system selection

Assessments & Readiness

A structured process that helps clients understand the opportunities for transformation and design the programs to achieve those goals
project management


Skilled practitioners in managing time, costs, resources and risks for projects of all sizes
business innovation and process design

Crisis Management

Developing and managing to organize and manage response to crises, from natural disasters to cyber-attacks



Technology and Business are both ever changing, and our Innovations team helps our clients avoid the risks and capture the benefits that innovation creates.  Focus areas include:

blockchain, and distributed, collaborative commerce

Blockchain & Distributed, Collaborative Commerce

Building trusted information sharing platforms for industries and customer ecosystems
cloud migration


Helping clients understand the true value of cloud migration, then develop and execute programs to realize those benefits

iot and field intelligence

Information Security

Helping company leaders understand evolving threats and the strategies for their management
information security


Building road maps for enterprise “Digitization”, focusing on multi-step People, Process and Technology programs that deliver innovation with managed risks

Enterprise Digital Assessment & Roadmap

A commodity-focused company, recognized the need to modernize the business—one that has been around since the 1800’s. The CFO engaged WG Consulting to evaluate the company’s processes and technology, and develop a solution to digitally enable a more efficient organization. Our team immersed itself in the business, engaging front-line employees to understand their challenges and obstacles to success.
enterprise digital assessment and roadmap

We developed a roadmap for the leadership team to guide the company through a digital transformation process.

business tech

Let’s Transform Your Business

Our Business & Technology Solutions team delivers on the promise of a technology enabled business. With an eye for innovation and an understanding of the industries and functional areas we serve, the WG team delivers solutions that empower your employees, and power your business' success. We will help you identify and deploy technology solutions that enable your business to operate at a new level of excellence.
Digital Assessment
Curious how your company’s digital capabilities compare with those of your competitors? Connect with us to evaluate your business through a two-week digital assessment.