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Candice Hammer

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Professional Profile

Candice is a Managing Director at WG Consulting. She brings over 17 years of experience in business leadership, organizational strategy, contingent workforce management, program design, project management and driving operational excellence. Candice is best known for building and leading strong delivery teams and creating robust talent management programs to support her clients' unique requirements to attract and retain talent. She has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies to design, implement and manage their workforce programs across multiple industries, including two of the largest Oil & Gas programs globally. Candice’s wealth of experience on both the buyer and supplier side makes her one of the industry's most well-rounded leaders to strategically design best-in-class Total Talent Management Programs.


Representative Experience

  • Designed, implemented and managed over 25 National (6 Global) Contingent Workforce Management Programs
  • Led Program Teams across multiple industries and categories of business to proactively manage talent demands
  • Consulted organization on the design and management of their internal Total Talent Management Programs and the supporting ecosystem (including TA and Contingent Labor Support)
  • Created Industry RFP’s and led the selection of MSP and VMS Partners to align clients' unique requirements 
  • Established metric-based program and culture to drive and track successful operations teams
  • Reduced client's administrative workload and OPEX Costs by streamlining processes and integrating corporate systems (HRIS, VMS, ERP, Security)
  • Trusted Industry Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Vendor Management System capabilities 
  • Cultivate Strategic Alliances with MSP, VMS, Suppliers, Payroll Providers and Freelance Community to support programs
  • Responsible for establishing Preferred Vendor Programs for all human capitol talent and service providers 
  • Focus and align corporate initiatives to generate executive and stakeholder adoption and buy-in support through effective change management and planning
  • Drive cost reduction and cost avoidance initiatives that have conservatively saved organizations up to 35% in operational expenses (hard and soft cost savings)
  • Improved client business control processes through visibility, performance management and predictive forecasting capabilities