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WG Consulting Challenge The Status Quo
We help our clients reimagine their approach to people, process and technology, and to translate that vision into reality to drive growth.
committed to clients

Founded on a Commitment to Client Success

WG consulting is a full-service management consulting company headquartered in Houston, Texas. We were founded in 2012 on the premise that there’s a better way to do business.

Since then, we’ve become a trusted advisory source for clients ranging from high-growth emerging companies to the Fortune 500. Our track record is rooted in intense focus on a collaborating with our clients to help them solve their most complex challenges. We’re successful, when our clients are successful. We work alongside our clients as partners to their business, orienting every task, goal, and interaction towards helping them think and execute at an unprecedented level.


Built to Drive Change & Growth

Our mission is to challenge the status quo – to help leadership teams rethink and reshape their organizations’ approach to people, process and technology while challenging our consultants to grow as leaders in the business community.

enterprise growth transformation

Enterprise Growth Transformation

Whether your company is a startup or a mature organization, we equip your team with a framework – the right strategies, tactics, tools and people – for growth.

Build a Growth Framework